I had a great time at the camp, this was my first acting experience and I can say with confidence that Rich Theatre has made it a good one. They have given me the desire to act more, I will definitely be coming again and again.
— Ethan, 2018 Summer Theatre Camp Student
Chris Nelson - Headshot.jpg

"Lynn and her team will undoubtedly expect and deliver excellence in their instruction, but it will be in the way they talk to, work with and encourage young people that will set them apart."

Chris Nelson - Associate Professor & Summer Arts Coordinator, Liberty University




"I was lucky enough to have Lynn as an improv teacher and camp counselor for three summers. Not only is Lynn the best Improv teacher I’ve ever had, she’s the best teacher a young performer could hope for: earnest, passionate, and unbelievably hilarious. Lynn’s cultivation of confidence and sincerity in her students is a gift from which I’ve greatly benefited – through successful auditions for college theater programs to performances with professional theater companies."

Reed Rickards - Former Student


"I was introduced to the power of Theatre through a summer camp about 12 years ago. Lynn was a great influence in my life during those precious weeks every year. She was a living example of the fact that women could be funny, spontaneous, and creative on a stage. Lynn’s heart and skill to teach was evident in the way she poured into a bunch of rambunctious teenagers night after night. She championed greatness and I will never forget her words of encouragement to me after our final performance of “Beauty and the Beast” in 2007. She affirmed me and helped me understand that Theatre has the power to open doors and build bridges just by telling stories. Because of the foundation I received through her instruction at summer camps, I went on to pursue my undergraduate degree in Theatre Performance and now my Master’s degree in Theatre. I want to teach, empower, and love teenagers like I was taught, empowered, and loved."

Kelli Overmyer - Former Student, Professional Actor

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this summer’s Theatre Camp, and learned so much. She’s already asked us to sign her up for next year’s camp! Thank you to all the excellent instructors at Rich Theatre!
— Adrianne West, 2018 Summer Camp Parent